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If your home is showing signs of wear and tear, call JP & Family Inc. Roofing Specialists of Portland, Maine. We’ll perform roofing that will make your residence look modern. Both of these options can also help make your home more energy-efficient, so they are a smart investment.

To keep water from damaging your roof and foundation, we offer gutter installation too. Update your home’s appearance with options from our roofing and siding contractors in Portland, Maine.

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At JP & Family Inc. Roofing Specialists, we have 25 years of experience. We started the business to provide clients with the highest quality construction services. To better serve you, our management team, including the owner, is involved in almost every aspect of daily operations. This ensures you stay well-informed during the work.

Our roofing contractors help make your home more attractive and efficient.

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. | Saturday, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

I’d like to take a little bit of your time & tell you about us here at “JP & Family Inc” Team. Was founded by James McKeage, as you know being 3rd Generation with 25 years of experience it all starts with the key word “FAMILY”. As children we are taught the family trades and learn from hands on experience, we then decide to go on our own. One of the first things James did was brand his Business with the famous Dragon logo, that I am quit sure a lot of you have seen around town on our vehicles, job signs, & etc. As children “FAMILY” has always meant a great deal, especially Thanksgiving time there always was a minimum of 50 people our grandmother would write a journal over the course of the year of the what & not’s that had taken place, & would write a lengthy poem. That she would proudly share with everyone prior to us eating, we’d all be anxiously waiting as all our tummy’s would be rumbling from smelling turkey dinner. God rest her soul & how we ALL miss those beloved poems. Family is what it is, that keeps you whole, your strength, its your rock! So as you can see our “FAMILY” was built from many & has a good foundation of love. With that being said James met his beautiful wife Pamela they have a handsome son together Tyler who is 5, Pam is a step-mom to James’s two children Chandler who is 20, a proud father himself to adorable lil 4 week old Hailey, & Jaime who is 16. They have a beautiful family together & as I keep saying “FAMILY” is everything. Because we here at JP & Family Inc take family seriously we are truly Family-Operated.

Your home isn’t a home without your family, you can not protect your family without a good structural house. You need to have a good foundation that’s strong to with hold your home, that foundation is YOU, as your family grows so doesn’t your home. To protect your home you need to have a solid roof, if your roof leaks you’ll damage your home you provide for your family. If you have drafty windows in your home your family will get sick. All of this we take pride in with the up-most respect for our clients, we care cause we have family too. We stand behind our work, we take pride in what we do, together as a team within the company. James is a go getter, has an excellent personality fun loving Husband, Father, Papa, & Friend. First things first in the mornings he’s always going over what he has to do for the day. Goes over everything with his wife over coffee (who doesn’t need their coffee in the mornings) packs it all and he’s off to meet up with the crews to get them going, then starts his busy production, as he’s multi tasked!

His wife Pamela works in the office handling all aspects you can think of, the list is too long to type. His son Chandler works on one of the crews as a Roofer learning the trade hands on as James did as a lad himself. For Jaime she’s still in school during the summer time she will go where she is needed in the office or out with her dad, or even work with one of the crews. This company is amazing. I will have to say I am quite honored to be part of the team my name is Bobbi, I am James’s lovely cousin, & I as well work in the fabulous office with Pamela. I couldn’t be more happy to tell you about us, & how delighted we would be to have you as part of us @ JP & Family Inc. We appreciate you taking the time to read about us, as we are happy to share our story with you!

Thank You;

JP & Family Inc. Team